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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Blessings...

Our friends Arlene and Raul are moving to Japan two weeks from now. They are good friends of ours and hubby and I will surely gonna miss them. I told them before that I will miss the supply of crappy fish from Raul and most of all their friendship. Arlene also had given me some of her clothes in the past and some of it are still brand new with the price tags still intact. She gave me signatured bags and shoes too. Then last weekend, they came in our house and they gave us 2 balikbayan boxes and two bags full of clothes. I sorted it out yesterday and those clothes are still in very good condition and mostly signatured clothes too for me and my hubby. Some are still brand new with the price tags still intact. There are also a couple of ladies shoes, hair iron and curl and a nice display frame. I will send some of it to my family in the Philippines. I told Arlene that it's like I've been to a big garage sale with all the stuffs that they gave us. They're really a blessing to us and I pray that the good Lord will guide and protect them as they go to Japan. We told them to keep in touch with us even when they're already in another country.

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