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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Friends Came By...

Yesterday after lunch, I got a call from Ms. Mareta, one of our friends in the church. She asked me where is the Asian store located at so she can buy lumpia wrappers. I have to look at the directory to find the address and I gave it to her. She then asked me if I needed anything from that store. I said no but she kept asking me so I asked her to buy 1 pack of lumpia wrappers too for me. I taught her how to make lumpia last year when they invited us to go with them to Oklahoma. Since then, she's been making her own lumpia. When she came in the house to give me the lumpia wrappers, her sister Ms. La Dale was with her. I invited them to come in and it so happened that I was cooking the leftover puto mixture that time. I asked them to stay a while and wait till the puto is cooked so they can eat. While I was steaming the puto, I decided to make lumpia because I have the fillings made a day before. I was able to make 1 dozen and I fried it. My friends enjoyed my puto and lumpia and I let them take home the left-overs.

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