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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Fate Of My Sweet Potatoes

My hubby got up early yesterday while I was still in bed fast asleep. When I got up, I looked for him and I've seen him at the backyard cleaning. He was done doing the mowing and our backyard looks clean. Of course I have my vegetables that I planted in my backyard like okra, tomatoes, collard greens, squash, beans, bitter gourd (ampalaya) and sweet potatoes (camote). He had watered them too. Then this morning, I went to harvest the squash flowers in my garden. While I was walking around, I was so devastated to see that my sweet potatoes had been mowed out. My hubby mowed it with the grass yesterday. The sweet potatoes had already a bunch of leaves and tops and I was so happy a few days ago looking at it. I was even planning to get the tops for my sinigang one of these days. But this morning, I wanted to cry because just a few vine were left in my sweet potatoes. I went inside with a single sweet potato top in my hand and I was yelling at my hubby. I asked him why on earth did he mow my sweet potatoes? He said he didn't know that it was sweet potato because it was planted in a separate corner. I told him this is the 3rd year that I planted sweet potatoes and still he can't recognize the leaves. I showed him infront of his face the sweet potato top that I was holding in my hand. I told him to memorize how the leaves look like so he will not mow it again accidentally next time. I also told him he will not get to eat my sweet potato tops when I cook sinigang because he already got his share by mowing it. Am I bad? I'm just so mad because of what happened with my sweet potatoes. I can't buy sweet potato tops here because they don't sell it in the oriental store that's why I have to plant it. I just hope that my sweet potatoes will recover soon from the devastation it received from hubby's mowing.

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