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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Balikbayan Box For My Family

My sister in the Philippines called me yesterday afternoon. She wanted to let me know that the balikbayan box that we sent last month arrived there early in the morning. She wanted me to go online so hubby and I can watch them while they open the box. I told my sister that they have to wait till we get home from church before I can go online. When I got home, I went online at 9:00 PM, Wednesday and it was 10:00 AM, Thursday there. Everybody were present, my aunt, my 3 siblings and there spouses and kiddos. They were all excited to open and see what's inside. I sent chocolates for the kids, and also Swiss Miss which my 2 nephews requested. I also sent some canned goods for them, stuff toys and used clothes and a lot more. They were all so happy. I told them I shared my blogging money with them because that's what I used in buying those stuffs that we sent to them. They were so thankful after each got their share. They all said thank you to us. Hubby and I had fun watching them in the webcam. My aunt said she's so happy that she got her goodies and her Centrum vitamins. We told them we are happy if they are happy. My youngest nephew showed me in the webcam his Swiss Miss drink that he mixed. He said it taste good and he likes it very much. He even requested me to send him again Swiss Miss with Marshmallows next time. It fascinates me how simple things make my nephews happy. I took these photos with my webcam while I was watching them.


PinayWAHM said...

Yes, it's amazing how the simple things coming from here make our loved ones back home very happy.

Their happiness is definitely priceless..

Have a great weekend, Lisa.


ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ said...

hello Lisa, just wanted to know what shipping company are you using to sent a balikbayan box from here? Since I wanted to send some for my family too. Pls. let me know!! thanks!

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