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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prayer For My Hubby

My hubby went back to work today after 2 days of not feeling well. He got fever, cough, colds, no appetite to eat and stomach trouble. The teachers and the kids missed him in the school. One of the teachers e-mailed me yesterday and asked how's my hubby feeling and she wished that he's feeling better. My hubby told me that this morning, one the 4K pupils told him that they prayed for him to get well soon. Then this afternoon, he got a call in the intercom to go to the 3rd grade class so he went there and the teacher led the prayer and the whole class prayed for him to get well completely. My hubby told me that he was touched by the concern and care of the kids and the teachers. Hubby and I believe in the power of prayer and when people pray, God is moved. A lot of people prayed for his healing and now my hubby feels better. To God be the glory.

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