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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oprah Denied Christ

Please pray.......We must know about this so that we can be prepared to stand up for our beliefs. It is so scary to think that so many people are being reached by this every single day! Please pray and alert your Christian brothers and sisters about this so that they can pray and stand against this evil.

Oprah denied that Jesus is the Son of God. She is mocking Christianity and people are listening! You'll never look at Oprah the same way ever again...

After learning about this, I don't even want to watch her show now. She is an anti-Christ and a lot of people are following her. She's using her popularity to gain followers in her doctrines and beliefs. Please don't be fooled by her.

1 comment:

DebbieDana said...

ate lisa, hubby and i never liked her...first of all,she's a racist,she talks against men!

worst, she doesn't believe in HIM!!!

Lord,please forgive her!

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