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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My New Template

I kept changing my template and I think I changed it four times already. The reason is that when I view my template in Firefox, it's okay because this is the browser that I use. But the problem is, when I browse it using IE, my template mess up. So I keep on changing my template and this time I accidentally deleted my Co-bloggers' widget. Now I can't put it back so to all my co-bloggers whose name don't appear here now, just buzz me and I will link you up again. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's good my other blog links was not deleted so I still have the links of my other co-bloggers. I think I will settle for this template for now. I don't want to mess up again my widgets.

1 comment:

Vhiel said...

that's me .. i keep changing my template.. i get bored with my template easily..

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