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Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Friend Ann's Birthday

My friend Ann celebrated her birthday today in our house. We've been busy cooking this morning because her Friendster friend Wendy and her hubby will be coming over to meet her for the first time. Ann cooked chicken adobo, sinigang na bangus and lumpia. My hubby cooked mashed potatoes and made banana pudding. I cooked pecan pie and pumpkin pie last night. I cooked rice, puto and pancit today. That's our treat for her. She also invited our friend Arlene. Wendy and her hubby arrived just when we're about to finish the cooking. She's also preggy like Ann. We had lots of foods and we were full. Arlene said the foods were delicious. There were lots of leftovers and everybody had to take home some pancit and puto. Ann got some birthday presents too. She said this is the happiest birthday she ever had since she was here in Texas.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow! Everything looks yummy! Nagutom tuloy ako. :)
Have a lovely Wednesday!

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