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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Back

My hubby and I got back this afternoon from a 4 day out-of-town break. It was raining hard Monday night and yesterday morning. I was watching TV in Alvarado and I saw that lots of places in the Dallas area were flooded. I prayed that the rain and wind will stop when we go to Fort Worth at 2 PM yesterday for my fingerprint appointment that is required for my citizenship application. It was still raining and the wind was blowing but it was not as strong as it was during the morning. So after my fingerprints were taken, they gave me a reviewer and a CD to review for my interview so I can get my citizenship here in the US. When? I don't know. They will notify me when and according to the mail they sent me, it will take up to 240 days. That's a long wait.

We had a good time with hubby's kids and grandkids. We spent 2 nights at Robert and Shelly's house in Cleburne and another 2 nights at Manuel and Stacy's house in Alvarado. Last Sunday afternoon after the church service, Robert took us to Traders' Village in Grand Prairie. Josh said that the said place is like Mexico. Lots of Mexicans are in that place doing their business. The place reminds me of the public markets in the Philippines and majority of the people selling stuffs there are Mexicans. One thing I like in Traders' Village is that the goods and commodities there are cheaper than in the stores. I bought 14 embroidered, appliqued curtains colored pink, orange and blue. They are so pretty and you can't find those curtains in the regular stores. I even negotiated with the sales lady and she gave me discount when I told her I will buy a lot. I also bought 15 pcs. of ripe mangoes for only $9. My hubby love mangoes and he learned to love eating mangoes when he was in the Philippines. It's so expensive here compared to the Philippines. I told him we will eat a lot of mangoes to our hearts' content when we go back to my native land. We have 9 mango trees there and they're bearing fruits already.

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