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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chatted With My Family

I was still sleeping when my sister Violy called and left a message requesting me to go online so we can chat. She said that their DSL has just been connected. I reluctantly got up from the bed, gargled, combed my hair and went online. I was still yawning while talking to them. It was 7:00 AM here and 8:00 PM there in the Philippines. I saw all of my family in the webcam and we talked with each other using microphones. It's good I my laptop has a built-in webcam and mic. No need to type and chat. I hear them clearly and I talked to all of them. My aunt is really getting old and she can't even remember my name. Senility sets in, he-he! She was calling me by my mom's name, lol! My siblings kept on laughing. I really miss her though and all of my family there. They kept asking when will we go there. I told them I don't know yet. We just pray to the Lord to provide the means so we can go back there. Anyway, I enjoyed talking to them and seeing all of them.

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