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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Result: Who Got Voted Off

When hubby and I got home from church, American Idol was halfway through. I was waiting for the result of who will be voted off tonight. I was hoping it will not be Ramiele Malubay. She did not really do well last night and also last week. I agreed with Randy that her performance last night was not great. She picked the wrong song for her. She was pitchy and it was really noticeable. She needs to pay attention and chose songs, like at the beginning, or she is sure to be going home. So it was Chekezie who was voted off and Ramiel was not in the bottom 3. Maybe a lot of Pinoys here in the US voted for her. I like Brook White's voice and the way she performs. I'm predicting that Brooke White would walk away the winner.


mari said...

I thought Ramiele was really good at the start of the contest but this perception changed along the way :) I agree that Brooke's improving naman...
bloghopping from manang Juliana's site :) can I link you up too?

Emzkie said...

haha! thats a relief! i only watch the show one time and tried to catch it again here in phil kaya lang d ko tanda ang time slot! hahaha.. sa news nalang. =)

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