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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Surprise Visitor

Yesterday I felt really so bad. I didn't sleep good the previous night due to my cough. My throat was itchy and it triggered the cough. My chest was so sore because of coughing. I felt weak yesterday. My stomach was weak and growling but I had no appetite to eat. I didn't eat breakfast and I was just lying in the couch. I felt nauseated too but it's good I didn't throw up. I called my hubby and told him that I can't cook for his lunch. When he came home he cooked something for me, carrots with celery and he put tomato soup. It tasted awful to me. Then I got a surprise visit from my friend Shiela. I haven't seen her in a while. I was so bashful because I looked so haggard, and I haven't even combed my hair. Our house too was a mess because I wasn't able to clean for the past few days due to my illness. I told her I thought she has forgotten me. She said that she dropped by in our house a few times but nobody answered the door. I told her that maybe I was in the computer room when she stopped by and I didn't hear her knock. Shiela gave me fresh shrimps that she bought at the Asian store. She stayed for a while and then she left. I thank God that I have friends like her.

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