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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I love buying purses and shoes. I think that's most women's weakness. My hubby said that I have more purses than I can use. He maybe right but I told him that I just want to match my purse with my clothes and shoes that's why I want different colors and styles. Most of the purses I have were bought when they were on sale. I don't buy it on regular price. I wait till they mark down the prices. I bought some of my purses when I was still working at JC Penney and also I bought some in the BX when I was working at the base. Some of my purses were given to me by my friends who really have good hearts. The Guess and Benetton bags were from my friend Arlene. I wish I can afford to buy those signature bags like Coach or Donny & Burk but they cost so much. I think it's not practical for me to buy it but if somebody would give it to me as a gift, I would be too happy to take it, he-he-he!


'Mum-2-3-' said...

Hay Naku Lisa, may LV ka dyan oh, pinaka mahal na Bag yan mas mahal kaysa DB at coach. Bigay mo nalang sa akin hehehehe.

Dami mong bag Sis, ako rin may weakness sa handbags but mostly si hubby ang namili sa akin kc di ma-afford sa sahod ko nuh. Pero pag sale lang din kc over price naman pag regular. Hay handbags talaga!

J said...

hi! lisa, na add kon dagita blogs mo idi pay la rabii, di mo met kinita kabsat. in place aminen nga links mo inta 3 nga blogs ko.

3 laeng ti blog ko and that's it period. if yo unotice htey have different themes, narigat ti agpanunot ti isurat ket diak met kayat nga agpapada ti theme na.

sige kabsat, salamat for adding mine.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


nakatatuwa ano?
ako rin, ay siguro lahat, lalo na yan si haze oh,. ang daming mga magandang bag.....
yon para sa akin, on the way pa daw, wla naman

thanks for sharing

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