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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Prayer Works

I felt a lot better now than yesterday. How amazing is the healing touch of the Lord that He has done to me! Yesterday was really the worst day since I got sick Tuesday. With all the cough, fever and colds, I didn't have the appetite to eat. I felt weak and nauseated too. When my hubby got home yesterday afternoon, he cooked chicken soup for me. I also managed to cook a beef stew because I wanted something that will appease my appetite. I was able to eat just a little bit so my stomach will not keep on growling. After that I suddenly remembered to call The 700 Club and requested a prayer for my healing. I told the guy about my illness and he prayed for me over the phone. I felt peace while he was praying for me. I thanked him after that. Then I called one of my friends from the church and I told her that I am not feeling well. She's supposed to come to our house for lunch on Sunday after church but since I'm not feeling well, I told her that we'll postpone our lunch together. I don't want to pass the germs or virus to other people. She told me that 2 of the ladies in our church were suffering the same problem too. So the germs had spread around. Then I requested her to pray for me. After I talked to her, I called one of the ladies who is sick and I talked to her for a while. I found out that we have the same symptoms, itchy throat, cough, fever and no appetite to eat. But she said she's feeling better last night after almost a week of being sick. We then agreed to pray for each other. Guess what, after the talking, I suddenly felt hungry and went to eat. To my surprise, I had the appetite to eat. I ate the chicken soup and beef stew. Then last night, I was able to sleep peacefully. I still coughed maybe once or twice last night but it wasn't as bad as the other night. This morning, hubby woke up early and he washed the dishes from last night. He asked me if I wanna eat some eggs and I said yes. He cooked scrambled eggs for the two of us. My hubby is so sweet. Last night, he kept telling me that he loves me so much. Through the years, he said that his feelings for me didn't change a bit. Ow, he makes me teary-eyed. How bless I am to have this guy in my life. Before we ate breakfast, I took a shower. Then later on, I went outside to enjoy the sunshine. It's been a few days that I've been hibernating inside the house. I picked up some pecans, then I swept the dried leaves in our front yard. I was really amazed of the healing touch of our Lord and the power of prayers. Three people prayed for my healing last night. Praise be the Lord and bless the Lord oh my soul!

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