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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not Feeling Well

I am not feeling well yesterday and today. I got this virus that's spreading right now. I have a hoarse voice, itchy throat, colds and cough. I also had a fever yesterday. My taste bud is not good too. Food taste awful to me nowadays. Yesterday when hubby got home from work he felt my forehead and he said I have a fever. He then gave me a Tylenol to take but I didn't want it. I told him that's for pain relief and I didn't feel pain, only fever, and cough. What I did, I got a face towel, wet it and put in my forehead. After that I went to walk in my tread mill. Today the fever is gone but I still have this cough. In fact my abdomen just below my ribs is already sore due to my coughing. I drank lemon juice early this morning and I just ate a little. It's been a while I got sick like this and I'm praying that this cough and colds will go away. I even rebuked it to leave my body in the name of Jesus. I believe I will get well sooner.

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