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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Scrapbook Works

What a beautiful day today to be in the house of the Lord. Hubby and I went to church and listened to the word of God that was preached by our pastor. I always look forward to go to church and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. After church, my hubby cooked our lunch. He prepared burger patties and he baked it. He knows that I prefer baked than fried. And you know what, it turned out good. We still have some of the tuna casserole that he made yesterday. After we ate, we took some photos in our porch. Then I made some scrapbooks. That's what I've been doing for the last couple of hours. Scrap booking takes a while to do it. It's been some time since I did scrap book because I've been busy doing some paid blogging. Now I took the time and here are some of my works that I did today. This blog is best viewed using Firefox browser.

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Emzkie said...

hi Lisa! wow new look ha! sorry now lang ako ka visit kasi na busy sa career. ANyhow about the speedtype test if you look at the side theres the embed script to copy and post in your blog. =) by the way those are nice photos of you and your husband. hope u have a good week ahead!

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