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Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Turned Down An Offer Again

I was just offered to post a text link here in my blog. They gonna pay me $7.50 every month just for putting the link but I turned down that offer. The text link they asked me to put is online casino. I will never blog or endorse anything about gambling in all my blogs because all my blogs doesn't patronize gambling. In fact I already declined a lot of opportunities about gambling. I am a Christian and I will live up to my principles and beliefs. Christians should not blog or endorse any form of gambling. That's my belief. Money is not all that matters. All my blogs will never patronize gambling and that's it.

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Ruki T. said...

i just wanted to express my admiration for you and your beliefs. i got my very first review offer last week. yep, my very first, i'm fairly new at this. so as an initial reaction, i didn't hesitate to accept it immediately. but as the days progress, nearing it's deadline, i felt that putting the ad would compromise my blog content. i didn't do the review. it was hard. my very first offer and i turned it down. thanks though. this post made me feel better :)

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