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Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Declined An Offer

I just declined an offer from one of the sites that pays to blog. Imagine the advertiser is requiring a minimum words of 300 and three links. Also they require to post one of their photos and they will just pay $10. Ayaw ko nga. Napakakuripot naman nila. Magpapakandahirap ka sa pag-compose tapos ang dami pang i-lilink barat naman ang bayad. When I declined the offer, they asked why. I said too many words and links is required for just $10. Maybe next time they will increase their offer.

1 comment:

angelnoah said...

I did the sme thing sis...yung sa akin $7 nga lang eh. 300 words,3 links and photos. But I have the same offer na $15, tanggap agad hahaha!!

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