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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cosmopolitan Cover Girl

Here's a nice tag from Norm. This is a nice idea, to put my photo in a magazine cover. I'm not a star material and I never dream of becoming a celebrity. This is just for fun and in the spirit of camaraderie, he-he-he!

I want to tag Ging, Gen, Irel, Sarah, Tess, Rj, Lorie and Rose. To upload your pics just click my Cosmopolitan cover pix and it will guide you to go to the site or click MAGMYPIC.COM. Don't forget to leave your comments ladies. Take care and God bless ya'll..


Tess said...

TYfor this tag, i already tried doing this b4 but i will do it for u sis! TY and TC!

Norm said...

nice sis! if you have time lis I got 2 awards for you in my creativity site visit me there..thx

Anonymous said...

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