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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google Updated Again and I'm Their Victim For The 2nd Time

Yes, the mighty Google updated again and took away my PR3 and dropped it to a big, fat 0. After only a month of enjoying it and doing some PPP blogging, here comes this killjoy Google. I don't even know what's their basis in taking away PR because as far as traffic is concern, I do have a considerable traffic in my blog. This is my 2nd blog that Google had taken away the PR and it's making me nuts. My Friendster blog had a PR2 and I was doing PPP blogging in that blog of mine and after 1 1/2 months, my PR dropped to a fat 0. After all the effort I did to earn that PR, suddenly it just turned to nothing. The sad thing is most advertisers are after the PR. I think Google is becoming unfair. They don't want us bloggers to earn money. They know that no PR, no earnings for bloggers. The thing that make me puzzled is that my other blog which is PR1 since November and I hardly update it, is still PR1 until now. I also do PPP blogging there. The traffic of that blog is not that high either. Google, where is your consistency and what's the basis of taking away PR? When will this ever end?


angelnoah said...

Hi sis,
I think partly, I know the reason why Google has been dropping down PRs. It was actually mentioned at PPP's blogs and Smorty. According to them, google hates sponsored posts (badge) that we usually put on our blog posts.(usually at the end of our posts). Also, if you have the "hire me" and "review me" thing...they hate it. If you try reading IZEA posts at PPP, there are topics concerning that thing. Try also reading Smorty's warning notes on top of your admin panel, where you usually check your opps. It's more on ideas on how to avoid it.
Anyway, I did have some sponsored badges on some of my posts, but di masyadong halata, kasi madalang...and mostly mga walang sponsored by na badges.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tips sis. Still, I'm not happy with the way Google is dominating the world wide web. I wish advertisers will not be after the PR no more but instead support the IZEA rank in PPP. Anyways, with or without PR I still will blog but I will just lessen my time in blogging.

Admin said...


I was just shocked with this post. I never expected Google to do this so soon. I'll look into this then maybe write an article if i get the facts straight.

What Have You

J said...

It's been going on for quite sometime. I also experienced the same thing last year about October, my blogspot had PR4, but I had it only for 1 1/2 month then it's been PR0 since then. I don't think it has anything to do with the badges, because even if they are not there in the side bars of our blogs, Google crawlers are probably programmed to trace or read paid posts, or links that are in the blog. No one has ever been able to say or know what's Google's ranking criteria, malabo nga sila eh.

I don't think it's traffic manang, as the Alexa ranking is the indicator of traffic.

J said...

sorry, haba ng comment ko.hindi na shocking ang mga PR na nawawala kasi basta ata nag start magsulat ng paid posts nagiging "magnet" for google's punishment. what the heck, we're having fun blogging, so just blog away, right?

anya ti inobram for valentine's day?

ited mo man ti email mo kaniak.

Sultana said...

hi came through sweet lullaby's blog. Regarding this PR thing, that is why they are having a new ranking the Izea ranking. It is part of payperpost. About the PR going to 0, I have a theory. I read in one of the SEO blogs, stating that if you link to a blog that is penalized by Google, you will automatically be penalized. Something like that. So it maybe that's the reason. Just a theory.

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the comments that you posted here. I appreciate it. What the heck, PR or no PR, blogging goes on. I don't care about Google no more and I will not use google or post any google ads in all my blogs.

angelnoah said...

Hi sis,
Perhaps because na insecure ata sila dahil natatalo sila sa kanilang adsense...which I NEVER use lol! hay naku, nagsimula akong mag paid blogging kahit PR0 ako, it didn't matter to me kasi kahit paano, as long as u enjoy blogging walang kaso yan. madami din ako na earn kahit wala akong PR. Don't let the google PR be a hindrance for our blogging sis. Hindi pa rin kawalan yan as long as u enjoy what ur doing. Go, go sis! :)

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