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Friday, February 8, 2008

Get Your Real Rank

This rank system in the world of blogging became a big concern of all bloggers who are doing paid blogging like me. In Google, the higher your rank in the scale of 1 to 10, the more opportunities you will get from advertisers. But the sad thing about it, after just a few months of enjoying the page rank, Google will suddenly take away the PR and drop it to zero. I don't know what's their basis in doing that. After all the effort you did to earn that page rank, suddenly it will amount to nothing. I know the disappointments that other bloggers felt about it because I was also a victim of that. One of my blogs' page rank was dropped from 2 to 0. It was really so disappointing. Now, there's a tool that's been launched recently called which ranks bloggers based on actual traffic and influence. IZEARanks uses a piece of javascript to collect and report a rank based on actual traffic. They have a contest now and they are giving away $1000 each week in February to the blog with the #1 RealRank. The code is different from that of PPP, so anyone concerned about a hit from Google need not worry. I think this is cool. I like the way they rank blogs in IZEA. You can see the real rank and traffic of your blogs. I wish more advertisers will patronize it so bloggers like me need not worry no more about being slapped with a zero rank all of a sudden. Bloggers should sign up in this site.

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