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Friday, February 8, 2008

Dashboard Problem

I got an answer from PPP today regarding the problem of my dashboard wherein the pay-outs doesn't display the correct amount that will be paid to me. Here's their answer:

We have had an intermittent issue for the past few months with the stats on the dashboard not displaying correctly. Please know that this has not affected anything other than the way that your data is displayed. Your payouts and approvals have not been lost or altered. Our Dev team is currently working on a solution to this issue.

So I will be paid for all the posts that I submitted, only the total amount that I will receive is not showing correctly. I will just make my own journal for all the money that I make so I will have an idea of how much will be paid to me. By the way I received today the total earnings I made in PPP last year for tax filing. The thing is, my hubby already filed our joint account income tax return. This IZEA tax return came in late. Hubby said the amount I made last year is not that much to worry about.

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