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Friday, February 22, 2008

Chat Using Skype

I chatted with my sister and my brother in-law the other day using Skype. I think this is better than Yahoo IM. We used our webcams and microphones to see and talk to each other. The sound is so clear and I had a good time talking with my sister and her hubby. They said it's like they were talking to me face to face. They even took a snapshot of me in their webcam. I took their photo too using my webcam. I was really so happy talking and seeing them in the webcam. Next time, my whole family will be there because the other day, most of them were already sleeping. It was morning here and night time there. I recommend Skype if you want to chat and talk to your family abroad. Here's the photo of my sister and her hubby that I took while talking to them online using Skype..

1 comment:

Lainy said...

I agree te! Been using skype in my call center training before. Audio is better as compared with YM...

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