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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our Washing Machine

I was having problems with our washing machine since Wednesday. While I was washing our clothes, the washer just suddenly stopped. I kept turning and turning the start button. It will wash again but when it reached a certain point, it stopped. I told my hubby about it when he got home. He went to see it but wasn't able to find what's wrong. Our clothes were stuck inside the washing machine for a few days already. So this morning, I told hubby that we need to buy another washing machine. But before we went out, once again he went to check the washing machine. Then he came to me and said he found out what was wrong. A wire was disconnected that's why it quit working. My hubby fixed it and the washing machine is again working. It's good my hubby knows how to repair it. I was glad because I was able to wash our clothes and also we did not have to spend money for a new washer. It made me appreciate our old washing machine. Though it's already old, it still can wash our clothes and we intend to use it until it quit working.

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