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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Hubby's Messages

I've been asking my hubby to co-author my blog entitled Precious Words and it's only today that he was able to post in that blog. I taught him how to write a post in blogger. He was able to write 2 of his messages there. My hubby is an ordained preacher but he's not into blogging. I was the one who kept bugging him to write his messages. I was glad that he obliged. I taught him too how to view my co-bloggers sites and how to leave a comment. I was surprised to see that he left me a message here in my message box saying those three precious words I LOVE YOU. I was really touched. He was having a great time blog hopping and leaving some messages to other blogs earlier tonight. I was laughing and I told him that now he is a blogger, he-he-he!!! Read my hubby's posts here. He preached about the Cross in our church during our songfest and preachfest last December 31.

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Norm said...

thats nice dalawa na kayong mag earn ng money sa blogging, galing naman ng hubby mo very religious at supper bait pa. Perfect couple talaga kayo and tell him to leave some messages in my site ha...take care and God bless sa inyong dalawa..

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