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Friday, January 18, 2008

My Hubby's Lunch

I decided to cook beef steak for our lunch today. But I didn't fry it, instead I broiled it and I put a lot of onions and garlic and also soy sauce and pepper. I cooked it long until the meat became so tender. I also baked potato for my hubby. We still have the golash and dressing from last night. Then I went to take a shower while I was cooking. The phone rang while I was on the shower and then I heard my hubby leaving a message that he might not come home for lunch. He said he has lts of work to do. After I showered I called him back and told him I wasn't able to answer the phone because I was taking a bath. I also told him to find time to come home for lunch because I cooked steak and potato for him. He said he will try. I was already done cooking and already blogging when he came home for lunch. He ate the foods I cooked and he said the steak is good, so tender and it almost melt in his mouth. I'm glad he likes it.

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