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Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Blog Is PR 3!!!

I still can't believe that Google just gave this blog of mine a PR 3! After all what they have done to my friendster blog wherein Google took away my PR 2 and dropped it to a big fat 0. I hope this blog won't suffer the same fate as my other blog. I was really disappointed when my PR2 in my other blog was taken away. My opportunities in PPP is scarce now and it affected my earnings. One more thing that made me happy is that this blog of mine is already approved by PPP. I submitted it in the morning and got approved in the afternoon. Wow! That was fast!!! So I have two blessings from the Lord to be thankful for. My blog approval by PPP and my PR 3. Thank you Lord and I give you the honor and praise. Thank you Lord for your countless blessings and provisions. You're a good and faithful God and words are not enough to thank you Lord. To God be the glory.
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