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Monday, January 14, 2008

Just Taking Photos

Most of the time, whenever hubby and I got home from the church on Sundays I asked him to have photos with me taken. I just set the timer in my digicam and presto, we have our group pictures. Yesterday, before hubby took off his suit, I asked him to have our pictures taken first. I told him I will post it in my blog, since I'm running out of topics in-between paid posts. I'm glad hubby was willing to pose before the camera. he's not very fond of picture-taking but I'm trying to infect him with my addiction to photography, he-he-he! He said that we Filipinos are very fond of taking pictures. I answered him that he's right and he has to live with it. Anyway, just take a look of our photos taken yesterday. I didn't have time to make a scrapbook though. Maybe next time.

1 comment:

Norm said...

great pics lis! super bait talaga ng hubby mo..take care

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