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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Connection Problems

I had problems today regarding my DSL connection. Last night hubby transferred the DSL modem to my laptop and he had to install the CD. I made a big mess because I forgot my user password so I had to call AT@T and they reset my password. I was able to use the internet last night and did some paid blogging. Today I wasn't able to connect to the internet so I called again the tech support. The first guy who guided me thru the phone wasn't able to solve my problem so he connected me to his next level supervisor. I was able to log in afterwards with the second guy's help. Then this afternoon I can't connect again. So I called AT&T for the 3rd time. This time the guy I talked to had to insturcted me to configure my modem and advised me to reset it. Now I'm connected to the internet. I hope and pray that I will not encounter the same problem again. Hubby wants to buy the wireless router so I can use my laptop not only here in this room.

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