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Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogger Problem

Last night, I got upset because I can't access this blog. Whenever I want to view my blog, it came out error bX-uxu3fu. I reported it to the help support of blogger. I found out that most blogs hosted by blogger had the same error last night. I wasn't able to open other sites too. I got relieved to find out that it was not only my blog who has the error. I was chatting to Norm and I told her about it because one of her blogs had error too. She told me that most of the sites she visited had the same problem. Oh well, I got tired so I logged off. Can't do anything about it and I was hoping that the problem will be solved soon. It's good when I checked my blog today, I was able to access it and no more error. Thanks blogger support team for fixing the problem.

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