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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Around Texas

I've been living here in Texas for more than four years now. I've learned to love the place and also the people. They said that everything in Texas is big. That's right. Big animals, big belly and big heart! I've been to quite a few cities here like Fort Worth, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Arlington and San Antonio. I like the Botanical Garden in Fort Worth, the Hong Kong Market in Arlington, the Traders' Village in Grand Prairie but most especially the River Walk in San Antonio. I really enjoyed riding the boat in Riverwalk and the view there is spectacular. I enjoyed the sceneries and also the historical places there like the famous Alamo. If you happen to go to that city, don't miss those places I mentioned and also try to visit the Market Square to buy souvenirs. Here are some photos taken in San Antonio when we went there last year.

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