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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our Church Revival

Our revival in our church started last Sunday. Our guest speaker Bro. Dave McCracken is a very good evangelist. Last Sunday morning, he preached about repentance. He said that you can't be saved without repentance from your sins. He also said that repentance and faith are like siamese twins. You repent from your sins because you believe that God will save you if you do. Bro. Dave knows how to catch the audience attention. He told stories that relates to the verses that he read. He makes it easy for us to understand the verses by explaining to us in a simple way. He also cracked jokes that made us laugh. He even jumped and laughed when he gets excited while preaching. He was really on fire. Last night his preaching touched our hearts that most of us were teary-eyed. Tonight Bro. McCracken will preach again. Our revival will last until tonight. It's our prayer that after the revival, all of us will be revived and our faith will be strengthen. We took photos with Bro. Dave and his wife Nancy McCracken last night as souvenirs.

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