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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Hubby took these photos last night right after we came home from the Church's Christmas Banquet. I asked him to take photos in our front porch. I just want to capture in picture the Christmas decorations that we put in our porch. The pics didn't really turn out that good. It's kinda blurry but still I wanted to post it here. The battery of my digicam was exhausted that's why. I would just take other pics next time. Anyways, after we had put up our Christmas tree and also those lights and ornaments at our front porch, I can say that I really feel now the spirit of Christmas. Last night we got a gift from our church, a beautiful Christmas card with a Christmas songs CD. I just love listening to it.


Shosh said...

Lisa, I love the lights in your house. It does bring out the xmas spirit doesn't it?

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi lisa,

kanindot kayo sa imong porch gyd.
nice decors and the lights,
feel xmas na talaga......

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Nice christmas lights!:)christmassy jud kau ang atmosphere:)

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