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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Hubby and I went to church this morning. We had a great service today. Bro. Allen preached because our pastor and his wife are still on vacation. From Ohio they headed to Georgia and they will be coming back on Tuesday. After lunch I asked my hubby to take me to JC Penney in the mall so I can do Christmas shopping for the grandkids. At first hubby doesn't want to go because he said a lot of people are there in the mall shopping today. I persuaded him so we went. We just bought clothes for our 6 grandkids and of course I bought also for myself a magenta, fleece long sleeve shirt and a pink bath towel. Is it obvious that I love pink color? The fleece long sleeve shirt was on sale. The regular price was $29.99 and they marked it down to $14.99 plus tax. I just love the soft fabric of this shirt.


Janine said...

love the color of your new shirt..hehehe i always love pink..happy tuesday nimo dira..

Norm said...

love color pink too!

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