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Friday, December 21, 2007

Balikbayan Box

I was still sleeping early this morning when the telephone rang. I looked at the clock and it was 5:45 AM. I got up slowly and I went to listen to the voice message. It was from my sister Violy in the Philippines. She said that the balikbayan box that we sent to them last month just arrived very early today there. She said that I should go online so we can see them in the webcam. But the thing is their webcam didn't work so we were not able to see them open the box as we used to do whenever they receive a package from us. They told me that they will just send photos of them while opening the box. They were so happy to receive those stuffs that we sent them like chocolates, canned goods, shampoos, bath soaps, clothes, and a lot more. That's their Christmas gifts from us. I talked to my sister, my aunt and my 2 brothers on the phone afterwards and they were all so happy and thankful. Just simple things from us made them very happy and appreciative. I will post the photos when my sister will e-mail it to me.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

wow buti pa sa inyo nakarating na sa akin until now ala pa. Bakit kaya, lagot yung sa akin ang companya bah, lol.

October pa yon last week.

Yes thats true simple things lang maligaya na pamilya natin sa pinas and tayo din matuwa pag maligaya sila, diba?

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