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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yummy Meal

I was busy cooking this afternoon. In fact I prepared a 4 course meal. The first I cooked was broccoli with beef and carrots. Then I cooked beef adobo and mungo beans with ampalaya fruits and leaves and beef. I also prepared vegetable salad. Oh my, my hubby enjoyed the meal. How he likes the beef adobo and the mongo beans with ampalaya. He kept telling the mongo beans is good and he really likes it including the ampalaya. Hmmm, where on earth can you find an american eating mongo beans with ampalaya? But that's my hubby, he's not picky with his foods. He told me that he seldom eat vegetables before he married me. But since I like veggies and I cook it often, he said the veggies that I cook taste good. When we were still in the Philippines, he ate any vegetables that my aunt cooked. Even bamboo shoot and saluyot. I remember one time we were eating lunch and my neighbor came in our house. She's seen that we were eating saluyot. She can't really believed that George eat saluyot and she kept laughing. My neighbor was fascinated seeing an American eating saluyot. I told hubby that saluyot is considered a Philippine grass, ha-ha-ha! Oh well, I'm really blessed that hubby likes Filipino foods. The American husbands of some of my friends are so picky with their foods and they don't like some of the Filipino foods. It's good hubby is not like them. He likes almost anything that we offered him in the Philippines except for one thing - the chicken feet barbecue(adidas)ha-ha-ha!!!

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