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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looking Back...

It's exactly 4 years today since I first step foot in this land of the free and the home of the brave wherein most people in my country are dying to see. I still remember, my hubby and I left NAIA (the airport in Manila) at about 12:30 midnight. Before boarding the plane I was so excited and I told myself, America here I come, lol! Well, that was my first time to ride a plane and I had mixed feelings, nervous and excited. We had a smooth flight from Manila to Korea and I managed to have a little nap.We took the Korean airlines and we had a 7 hour layover in Korea. Oh my, that was a long wait for me. I was so eager to see USA.

Then finally we boarded the plane that will take us to Texas. It was a very long trip and the flight was not as smooth as the previous one. We encountered a lot of turbulence during the flight. At first I got so nervous, it feels like there was an earthquake inside the plane, lol! But after a while I got used to it and I got to enjoy the trip. The stewardess had served good foods and hubby and I enjoyed it. I looked around the other passengers and some of them were sound asleep and some even laid down on the vacant seats. I wonder how they managed to sleep inside the plane. Maybe some of them travel by plane often and they got used to flying. But me, that was my first time and I can't sleep while flying. Besides I got a lot of things in my head like what will my life be like in the US and I thought of my family that I left in the Philippines. Sure thing I gonna miss them.

Then after long hours of flying we were finally in the US territory. I was so excited to take a glimpse of how the US look like so I asked my hubby to exchange seat with me so I can sit by the window. I took a peek outside and all I've seen were trees and buildings. When we finally landed and got our baggage, hubby and I were in the lobby of DFW airport and there we were met by his 2 lovely daughters. I was glad to see them, my new family here. While we were on our way to the house I just kept looking around. I said to myself, so this is it, this is home for the last 4 years and God's willing, for more years to come. I thank the Lord for bringing me here.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Chilly Today

It's getting cooler in the morning. When I got up this morning I felt cold so I have to turned off the AC. I went out and it's a little chilly outside. It feels good though. I went to gather some of my vegetables like the squash flowers and string beans. Yap, my veggies are still kicking. In fact, the squash are bearing more fruits now. There were quite a few and I lost count how many are there. Yesterday, I cooked squash with string beans, okra and I put ground beef and coconut cream. It's a typical filipino recipe and I love it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

We had a simple celebration of our wedding anniversary tonight. But as early as yesterday, my husband gave me fresh flowers. He said it's for his beautiful wife and for being married to him for 5 years. He said it was the best 5 years of his life and that I made him happy. I told him the feeling is mutual, he made me happy too and I had no regrets of marrying him and we embraced and kissed each other. So to celebrate the occasion, I cooked foods like meatloaf, potato salad, pancit, lumpia, blueberry muffins and cathedral windows jello. Wow! I was like a supercook cooking all these by myself. The preparation of the ingredients especially for the pancit took most of my time. I made the jello last night, the muffins yesterday and I wrapped the lumpia the other day and just fried them today. The pancit, potato salad, meat loaf and the lumpia I cooked them after lunch.

Anyway, while I was cooking the pancit, Malou came by and she helped me mixed the pancit and the vegetables together. The noodles were so sticky because my husband bought rice noodles made in Thailand. I asked him to buy me rice noodles which is made in the Philippines and I thought he knows how it looks like but when he came home, he bought a different kind. It tasted good though, only it was sticky. In fairness, the foods I cooked were all good according to my husband. He ate a lot. We didn't even have room for the butter pecan ice cream that he bought. I didn't invite others because I thought I would not be able to cook much. It's good Malou came by, she didn't know that it's our anniversary today. I just asked her yesterday to come today because I'll be cooking. We invited James to come for supper and he came after we ate and Malou had already left. He got off late tonight and he came here straight from work in his navy uniform. We had a good time eating and I gave Malou and James foods to take home. George and I give thanks to the Lord for another wedding anniversary that He gave us. Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Anniversary...

Tomorrow will be our 5th wedding anniversary. How time flies. Wasn't it only yesterday when George and I got married? I still remember, we got married in the Philippines. It's one of the happiest moments in my life. I prayed to God to give me the man He wants me to have. I didn't pray for a rich man to be my husband. I prayed to God to give me a man who is a christian and who will love me for what and who I am and He gave me George. We had only a short time to prepare our wedding, less than 2 weeks because George had to go back to the US after 3 weeks of staying in the Philippines.

So everything was rushed but I thank God that we had a good wedding. Our wedding was well attended especially during the reception. George was surprised to see all the people who came to eat. He said that people were coming out from wood works meaning people were coming from everywhere, lol! The reception was catered and according to the caterer, almost 500 plates were used in the reception. So that's the number of people who came to eat in our wedding celebration. Lot's of people huh! I was really surprised but knowing the people in our town, they come and gatecrash though they're not invited especially they knew that an American is getting married to a filipina. George and I really didn't mind. Maybe some of them, that's the only time that they got a decent meal. It's a good thing that despite the fact that many people came, there were still lots of leftover foods so we gave some to my kinfolks and neighbors. It's good to reminisce the past, it brought back good memories.

Now 5 years had passed by so swiftly. There were ups and downs we encountered along the way, but with God on our side we were able to handle them gracefully. George and I are looking forward to many years to come and spend the rest of our lives together with God in the center of our lives. We're praying to God to use us to further His kingdom and that we would like to go back in the Philippines. We know that God is faithful and we believe that He shall give us the desires our hearts in His perfect time.

I Miss My Family

It's nice to reminisce the past. I've been here in the US for almost 4 years now. It's like it's only been yesterday that I was with my family in the Philippines. I miss them so much and I wish I am there with them now. I miss my aunt, my siblings, my nephews, my friends and former co-workers there. Also I miss the fresh fish, fresh Philippine fruits and vegetables. If only the fare going there is cheap, my hubby and I could have gone there on vacation many times. But we have to save first and wait on God's perfect time before going back there.

My 3rd Blog

Okay I created this blog and so far this is my 3rd. I'm just having fun blogging but I don't know how will I find all the time to update all my blogs. I need to have lots of energy and power to do it, he-he-he! Anyways, I will just go on and we'll see. I just ask God to help me along the way. He is my strength and the source of my life. I can do all through Christ who strengthens me.
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